The Beers

Brewed as an American style pale with a blend of all-Australian grains and hops!

rock lily pale ale

our highly popular pale ale is named after the ss rock lily. built in 1906, this was the last ship to be built by george frost at his kincumber creek shipyards which were located just across the road from our brewery. although an american style pale ale, the rock lily showcases all that australia has to offer the new world of brewing using all australian grains and hops. built on a backbone of pale and munich malts. both topaz and vic secret have been combined to bring this beer together in a perfect balance of malt sweetness, hop bitterness and hop flavour.


5.5% abv / 31 IBU


on tap / 375ml cans / refills

food match

pair with salty or charred meat flavours to balance the hoppiness: grilled meats, pizza, mexican, pulled pork and fried chicken.