Jon Piper American IPA

'Jon Piper' American IPA

5.9% ABV / 51 IBU

The blend of ‘Mosaic’ and ‘Equinox’ hop varieties produces the incredible tropical fruit bowl aroma explosion with distinct melon, citrus and floral tones demonstrating why these hops are in such demand. The aromas are immediately translated into the first sip with the sweet malty base now paired back to allow a balance towards the fruity hop flavours. The bitterness is firm, but incredibly smooth resulting in a brew that promises to satisfy.

food match

The extra hop flavour of our IPA requires equally strong food flavours – the fruity citrus hops in this edition will work incredibly well with a good cheddar cheese, spicy foods and strong barbecued meat flavours. Avoid delicate dishes – they’ll get lost in the hop explosion!