Scud XPA

'scud' extra Pale Ale

4.9% ABV / 29 IBU

Before even the first taste and smell, the Scud XPA promises refreshment at first glance with its pale straw colour and tight, brilliant white head. This XPA (Extra Pale Ale) is hop driven and its no wonder as we’ve dry hopped using a blend of 9 different hops sourced from Australia, New Zealand and the United States. This unique combination (which we’re keeping a tight secret) produces the massive ‘summer fruits’ aroma and flavour notes. at 29ibu’s, the sessionable quality of Scud XPA is driven by the relatively low bitterness compared the American pales and IPAs which typically sit at over 40 and 50ibu’s respectively. Scud takes its name from a 27 ton ketch built in Brisbane Water in 1850 by a shipbuilder whose name has not survived in official records. soon after construction, it left Newcastle in may 1850 with 4 crew bound for Sydney and was never seen again – weeks later, an empty boat belonging to the Scud was found washed up on putty beach in broken bay.

food match

Scud XPA will be your perfect travel companion to barbecues and parties as it will pair easily with just about anything.