Keeping Old Traditions Alive

'Zephyr' Dry Irish Stout

Block ‘n Tackle honour all that is Irish with our Zephyr Dry Irish Stout. Made with a blend of 3 malts this one is for the fans of the dark arts with loads of coffee, chocolate and dry roasted flavours. Combine this with a slightly lower mash temperature this stout is light of body, but full of flavour. We’ve used an ale yeast and a fractionally warmer fermentation temperature to produce the slightly fruity ester delivering a little sweetness to balance the dryness of the malt. 


4.1% ABV / 31 IBU

food Match

The complex flavours of our Irish Stout will pair beautifully with Oysters and other shellfish, while the sweeter notes will combine nicely with robust fruity desserts. Avoid delicate food flavours.